My Challenge to Ariana Huffington and the Huffington Post..

My Challenge to Ariana Huffington and the Huffington Post…

Women In The Politics, What Women Want and Ariana Huffington’s Cash Cow

Right, that would be Bill Maher……
There was a real good show on C-Span this past weekend about women in politics and how women are viewed and treated by the media.
As I have written many  times before I really have a problem with Bill Maher and his treatment of Sarah Palin.
While I definitely do not agree with Sarah Palin politically and I do find some of her statements about people very offensive, as well, I am particularly offended by the statements of Bill Maher during the run up to our recent presidential election.
Bill Maher donated a cool one mill to the dems giving him the self-proclaimed right to become a spokesman for the democratic party……a big mistake as far a I am concerned.
I would like every democrat and republican to know that Bill Maher does not speak for me as a democrat or represent my views of the democratic party.
Let’s start at the top…….Many dems are very religious people and Bill’s statements about religion are offensive.  We all know there are problems with organized religion but many people find great strength from Jesus, who I consider my friend.   I admire any one in any religion for just trying to live right in this world today.  
Bill, I love Jesus, I don’t have any proof……..
But here is what bothers me even more……..
Ariana Huffington runs Bill as if he is the Mark Twain of our time.   He went to a very ugly and horrible level with his comments about Sarah Palin which takes women in politics and the media back to the dark ages.  He tried to cover it up by saying, it’s funny, I’m a comedian, I said it in a comedy club….whatever.  But, nevertheless, it was all over the media and it represented democrats and many people laughed with him
What will women think if they choose to speak out about politics and risk a career as a public figure?  Bill’s comments are the same as a bunch of teenagers laughing in a huddle at an easy victim passing by.
Dr Drew and Ariana Huffington are drinking the Kool-Aide….
Right, Bill is popular and everyone is having a good laugh not only at the expense of Sarah Palin but at the expense of women everywhere and women in politics.  He went on Dr. Drew and further defended himself and Dr. Drew did not once mention the ill effects of his statements against women.  Really, sometimes it seems like Dr. Drew has been affected by popularity in recent stands, as well.  Bill Maher humiliated women speaking out politically everywhere but Dr. Drew welcomed him on his show and enjoyed the attention.
The person that is also very detrimental to the advancement of women in politics is Ariana Huffington.  Well, it’s her newspaper isn’t it?  Can you really call  it that.  If you own the newspaper and your name is the name of the newspaper, or perhaps, publication, would be a more accurate term…then I guess you can run anything you want.  I am sure Bill Maher makes a lot of money for Ariana Huffington and many people read her paper to hear what clever things he has to say.  I imagine Ariana Huffington loves to be on his show and promote herself and her newspaper.  Again, she is already successful…I would ask her to think two times before she bashed all women just to make money by letting maher’s mouth run wild and unchecked.  Apparently Ariana Huffington’s platform is that of Bill Maher, humiliating and a step backwards for women or not.
Mr. Maher may want to use President Obama as an example to follow…particulary since he gave his big money to support him…or did he give his big money just to have a platform to support himself and his egomania?  President Obama actually spoke out against the ridiculous satements of Rush Limbaugh in a dignified manner.  Rush actually had to stop and I also heard it said in local conservative talk radio–we really have to be careful what we say now after Rush.  President Obama stood up for women and did not tolerate women being used negatively to further a media persons show.  Mr. Maher and his friend Ariana may take a tip from our President about being dignifed and furthering the cause of women in their publications and statements
What was Sarah Palin suppose to do after that horrible comment heard around the world.  It was was embarrasing for all women.  Its embarrassing for me to hear and then write a blog.  There is no reasonable response or answer.  Bill insulted all women and we are just left to take it.
God gave Bill the talent of being truly humorous but he may want to use his talents more carefully–he is already very famous and successful.
Unleashed and out of control…………..
I prefer Maher not to represent me as a dem.  Both bill and rush trashed women for self-promotion and attention………..they are making a show.  They are both making a show and using women as a joke.
I do not like it and I enjoy taking the opportunity to write against it.




Boston Swagger in SoCal Meets Ronnie and the Cats

Boston Swagger in SoCal Meets Ronnie and the Cats
File under: Finding Social Acceptance…….Boston Swagger in SoCal Meets Ronnie and the Cats

Not Appreciating Cats–A Definite Flaw in Character

“Why do you have so many cats?” my friend inquired in her usual accusatory tone.

“I don’t know” I said, like the number of cats one owns denotes a certain level of happiness.

I’m thinking now I should have suggested she herself should try to acquire cats, one cat, any cat, a stray cat–I’m suggesting get a pet, any pet and give up alcohol. Wouldn’t that steer one on the road to emotional freedom, self-actualization, peace and time away from the bar as one walks their dog.

Perhaps she feels I would be happier if I had less cats–how did I get them–she goaded me again for a complete history as she listened with disdain.

“Why do you let your children give you cats?” she demanded, as if I would actually have an answer to that question–as if I had not asked myself that question a million times.

Perhaps she thinks my house would be cleaner if I had less cats–they are always such a good excuse on which to blame all of my house cleaning issues.

How much time do you spend walking your dog a day?–how many times a day do you take him out for a walk?–do you go to the dog park every day, or what? Hi, Ronnie, do you remember me?

I’m pretty sure Ronnie said “no,” as I drug him into the tavern in embarrassment.

Oh, he’s fine in here, she said, I saw other dogs in here earlier…..

Right, that may have been when there was less shouting and people–even a pit bull is small in wall to wall people.

Finally, we took Ronnie home and dropped him off—why–so we could go to another bar.

Taking one look at my beautiful Chlo-Louise on my bed, “Wow, that cat is really old, I can’t believe how old that cat is….how old is it?”

“Where do you sleep and where do the cats sleep–why do you just have that little tiny bed?”

Fueled by the synergy of Boston and beer the blonde bomber continued–Yeah, that was really funny when JoAnn and I went out to that street fair on Adams..we were listening to music and drinking all day. We went to an Italian restaurant and she couldn’t even remember what she ate.

She’s really stressed out now from work–has a big knot in her neck and gets so many headaches. She works so much overtime–both of her kids are in college–she’s always been a real hard worker.

Are you ever going to get a job again or not?….unrelenting questions in that caustic “back east” style…I dress well because I can afford it, that’s another thing about back east, people dress a lot better…people are slobs out here.

Right “back east,” what ever planet that’s on.

Does your daughter still have that crazy boyfriend. Remember when she lived downtown with that guy?

Yeah, that was so funny when JoAnn couldn’t even remember what she ate–she couldn’t even remember going to that Italian place.

Yeah, we really have a lot of fun together.

Right, everyone has their own individual interpretation of what “fun” actually is, how they should spend their time and money in a worthwhile manner. How much time one should allocate to cleaning.

cats vs. alcohol……..

Right now…I’s sticking with cats!

Destination: Grape Street Dog Park in San Diego–Baby Owl Rescue by Project Wildlife

The Baby Owl of The Grape Street Dog Park

Destination:  South Park, San Diego, Grape Street Dog Park
Right, everything alwys happens when I’m gone.  Apparently, last week, Wednesday, there was a big commotion at the Grape Street Dog Park in the South Park area of San Diego.  I know it well since I bring my Ronnie there every day.  A baby owl fell out of the tree.  There had been previous reports from the neighbors of adult owl sightings in the trees during the day.  It seems this is rare unless there is a baby on the premises.
But this special day, last Wednesday, the baby fell out of the tree–as in on the ground with the dogs.  Some nice and caring person called animal control and Project Wildlife responded.
I couldn’t stand it one more minute.  I had to try to find out more info.  I went to this place on Custer Street in San Diego.  Around the corner from the old Humane Society on Sherman Street in the Morena area, tucked away in a corner, with cages ready for wildlife drop off 24-7, is Project Wildlife.  Gabby, a very beautiful and knowledgeable lady told me they would have been the one to respond, since they are the only group that do wild bird rescue in San Diego.
I asked if I could see the bird or if they had some sort of “owl cam” but afraid not, that is not in their agenda legally.  She did say they received a baby owl approximately the middle of last week and he was doing fine.  They received only one, but they are standing ready to have more since this is baby bird season.  They get about 500 owls a year.  Wild birds make up about 80 percent of the animals they take in.
The baby owl they received last week was a Great Horned Owl, that is the larger of the owls around here, as opposed to the smaller and more common Barn Owl, and it is also the only one that “hoots.”
Well, I know there is something in the trees because if I walk there in the evening I often here hooting and whooshing, once in a very great while I do see a very large bird go by, rarely.  I would like everyone to note it is a little dicey walking in the dog park in the evening, night or early morning because one of the frequent wild creatures there are coyotes who like to snatch little dogs–I have heard this story way too often.
One of the many experts at the dog park said owls have been nesting in those eucalyptus trees for 15 years–even before it was a dog park.

Now, someone was kind enough to e-mail me a picture of the baby bird before it was taken to Project Wildlife–I was so taken with its beauty I could not stop thinking about it–we are so lucky to have this right in our backyard.
What will happen to the baby owl:  they will raise it until it can fend for itself and then they will release it back to the mom or the area it came from; they try to raise it without imprinting so it will have a good chance to survive.
It takes different species of birds a different amount to time to learn to fly.  Owls may take up to 4 or 5 days.  They have to get used to the whole thing, exercise their wings and spend some time on the ground.  This miracle does not just happen over night, however, a hummingbird may only take one day to learn to fly.  A crow my take up to a week.  Its a leaning process–they spend time on the ground jumping around and getting used to their wings.  This is all making me very nervous considering the close proximity to the dogs….
Well, I really enjoyed talking with Gabby of Project Wildlife today -she seemed so happy and exuberant about working there.  I feel like they are doing very important work–I felt so lucky to hear that info.
My thing–the earth and all that–let’s not just go around wrecking the place.
Thanks, Gabby, for your enthusiasm about birds and taking time to talk to me today.  That really gives me a good feeling about people and mankind.


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